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Cassoulet of Butter beans and Toulouse Sausage

Cassoulet of Butter beans and Toulouse Sausage

Toulouse is the capital of the Midi Pyrenees in So...

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RPC 6000 W

RPC 6000 W
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This six litre Shuttle Chef is Bronze in colour and has two 3 litre inner multi-layered stainless steel saucepans with carbon steel plates sandwiched into the heavy stainless steel bases.

These inner saucepans are designed for high lateral heat conductivity, resulting in heating from all directions as well as maximum heat retention.

These saucepans are also suitable for cooking on Induction Elements due to the carbon steel plate in the heavy base.

The Outer Container is 26 cm wide across the handles and is 30 cm high.

The bail handle will not become overly hot if it is left in the vertical position while cooking on the stove top, however if it is left in the horizontal position it will definately pick up residual heat that is being transferred up the sides of the pot by the primary heat source.

The outer carry container has a patented vacuum chamber between two walls of stainless steel ensuring the very best insulation available.

Thermos guarantee that it will provide the Hottest Hot and the Coldest Cold for the longest period.

This Shuttle Chef also includes a link to the Freedom with Flavour E Recipe book

There is also a single six litre inner saucepan available as an accessory for this Shuttle Chef....KOB 60001
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product This is the large single 6 litre inner saucepan and is an excellent addition to the RPC 6000 W package